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A selection of photographs by Philip Preston

The images in this gallery are photographs, with added paint effects, primarily of participants at the annual City of Lincoln Steampunk Festival that takes place each August bank holiday weekend. Its a very popular festival and people attend from far and wide, and Lincoln's Cathedral Quarter where many of the events take place provides a magnificent backdrop to it all, especially the beautiful architecture of Lincoln Cathedral itself.

Although I am not particularly into steampunk, I have visited the festival for the last three or four years just for the photographic opportunities it provides, and at times, there seems to be almost as many photographers present as there are steampunks! Its a very friendly atmosphere and participants are generally happy to strike a pose for any photographer that asks them......always best to ask first though.

The images in this gallery are photographs that have been edited with Topaz Labs Impressions photo painting software, to give an impressionistic style of presentation to the final images. The participants often wear nice and colourful costumes, particularly the ladies, so images do look good in colour, but I also think they work well when converted to monochrome. The paint effects employed in these images are not meant to be consistent, so there is variation to the style of each image. I hope you enjoy looking at them.



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