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Website Update - 31 Dec 2022

After a period of some neglect, my website has finally been updated with a fresh new look, and also incorporates reference to my more recent interest in digital art as well as my ongoing interest in photography. Appearance wise, the old dark grey colour scheme has been replaced with a brighter off white colour scheme, more in line with websites typically seen on the internet in 2022. The number of pages has also been reduced making the site easier to navigate and faster loading.

The main change in the new updated version is the incorporation of my Fine Art America store, enabling prints and other products to be purchased directly without leaving my own website, which makes things much simpler for potential buyers to browse and purchase any products they may wish to buy. All purchases are still dealt with directly by Fine Art America, and the 30 day money back guarantee still applies.

My intention for 2023 is to be more active in adding blog posts to the website on a more regular and frequent basis, to help with the site's content creation and development, and to do more photography during the year as well as continue with my growing interest in digital art. So do come back occasionally to see what's new at

Everything seems to be working fine on the updated website, but if you encounter any glitches while browsing the site, do feel free to leave a comment here or send me a message through the Contact Form (links in the website header and footer). Otherwise I wish you a happy new year as we enter 2023.

Regards, Phil


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