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I guess it started when I was about 11 or 12 years of age (over 50 years ago) and my dad had a Kodak Sterling film camera. Using one of its black and white negatives, and some photographic paper, we went outside to make a 'contact print' by exposing photo paper to daylight, after which we went back into our home to develop and fix the image. I have no recollection what the image was, but that moment is still my first memory of the magic of photography.


Fast forward five decades. I am now retired but photography is still an important part in my life. In terms of subject matter, most photographs I take these days are landscape, architecture or travel related. Apart from taking photographs for personal use, I also contribute some of my photographs to Alamy stock photo agency, where my Rights Managed images have been purchased and licenced for various uses including newspapers, magazines, websites, calendars, and books.

I first became interested in digital photography around the year 2000 after purchasing my first home computer, initially scanning prints for conversion to digital files, then later purchasing my first digital camera, a 3.5 megapixel Casio 3500. That 0.5 megapixel was very important in those days! As digital camera technology progressed, my first 'serious' camera was the 6 megapixel Canon 10D DSLR. Having used a Canon film camera prior to purchasing the 10D, I stayed with Canon upgrades for a number of years and subsequently bought the 8 megapixel 20D, then later the 10 megapixel 40D.

In 2014 I decided to switch from Canon to Fujifilm, as they had introduced a new range of smaller interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras which appealed to me, and purchased the X-E1 with the 18-55mm kit lens. My main camera now is the X-T2 with various fujifilm lenses. I still have my old Canon DSLR's, but just for remembering occasionally how things used to be in those early days of digital!

For me, photography is essentially still a hobby, but all these years later, it still - occasionally - produces some moments of magic. I hope it continues to do so for a few more years.



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