PhotoArt Photo Painting Portfolio - Monochrome

A selection of photographs by Philip Preston

A selection of monochrome photographs with digitally added paint effects to give a 'photoart'  style finish. The effects shown below were produced primarily with Topaz Labs products, mostly Impressions, and occasionally Glow and Texture Effects. The Impressions software comes with a number of presets based around styles of specific painters, eg Degas or Monet, or specific paint effects, eg Stumble or watercolour. 

All the presets have a large number of variables that can be altered to specific requirements, for example, brush size and shape, paint volume and opacity, etc giving probably thousands of permutations to work with on photographs. I have created and saved for future use a few of my own presets, which are often used with multiple iterations on a single image until I am happy with the final result.



Digital photography fine art prints of landscape, cityscape, architecture and photoart on Fine Art America / Pixels.

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