What Is Photoart?

For those of you unfamiliar with the term 'photoart' or 'photo painting', for me, its simply a digital photograph edited with image editing programs to transform a photograph into photoart, namely paint or drawing effects. There are a number of programs available to do this, but the one I use is Topaz Impressions, who say its function is to "Create authentic digital paintings, sketches, and watercolors using intelligent drawing technology". For people like me who like paintings, but have no skill or capability for producing such work, programs like Impressions are a great way to turn your photographs into works with paint like effects, whether that be specific genres such as watercolour or oil painting, or in the style of specific artists such as Cezanne, Monet or Degas.

The permutations possible with Topaz Impressions are almost endless, with multiple variables available to produce your photoart, these include things like brush type, size, length and width, along with additional controls such as opacity, masking, lighting and textures. My version of Impressions also works as an 'add on' inside Adobe Lightroom, so its easy to carry out additional editing on your Impressions work inside Lightroom should you wish to do so. 

Below, I have created a small slideshow that illustrates some work produced with Topaz Impressions, this is a tiny selection of what the program can do, but it will give you an idea of whats possible. The slideshow starts with the original photograph, then shows three colour examples and one black and white example. There is also a straight monochrome version of the original photograph produced using Nik Silver Efex Pro2, to compare with the paint effect version produced with Topaz Impressions.

Slide 1 - Original

This is the original colour photograph after post process editing with Adobe Lightroom.


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